Day 6 10.08.2008

The Cohen program is much easier to follow than I thought and I am very excited to return to my walking program, which I think will only help in my weight loss and toning.

Tip: Add Kiwi to your fruits, if you haven't already... a big reason is, 'Kiwifruit also serves as a natural blood thinner. A recent study performed at the University of Oslo in Norway reveals that--similar to popular mainstream aspirin therapy-consuming two to three kiwifruit daily for 28 days significantly thins the blood, reducing the risk of clots, and lowers fat in the blood that can cause blockages.[10]'

Todays Menu:

M1 - Yogurt with chopped Kiwi 1L Water
S1 - Apple w/ Crackers and Tea
M2 - Chicken with Cauliflower 1L Water
S2 - Apple w/Crackers
M3 - Chicken with Spinach 1L Water

Day 5 10.07.08

I didn't eat until 9:30 today and I thought I was going to pass out! I got to work (where I had left breakfast the night before) and everyone said I looked REALLY pale.

I had my hard boiled egg and cucumbers and felt much better, although I still feel 'out-of-wack'. Maybe it just took longer for the diet to catch up to me.

Tip: Drink all of your water! I went two days without drinking my 2-3 Liters of water and I didn;t lose any weight. The point in the early stages of this diet is to help clear out the toxins being released by the loss of fat.

I was going to go for my walk last night, but ended up hosting movie night at my place with friends at the last minute. I will start on Wednesday, assuming I feel better.


Anyway todays meal plan:

M1 - Egg with Cucumbers
S1 - Apple with Cracker 1L Water
M2 - Tuna with Cucumber
S2 - Apple with Cracker
M3 - Chicken with Cauliflower 1L Water
S3 - Apple with Cracker, if hungry.

Day 4 10.6.08

Cohen Tip of the Day: Use your advisor!!! They are included in the price of your program so don't be afriad to ask them as many questions as you have!

My advisors have been very helpful so far and helped me steer clear of divations, for example, Butternut Squash is not allowed at this stage of the program! I had to ask and glad I didn't wat any that I purchased.

As far as walking it’s a go! My advisor said “Walking at a comfortable pace is a good choice of exercise.” So I am picking my routine back up. I am only going to go 3 miles, but if I feel ok, I will push it to 4.

Meals today:
M1 – Hard Boiled Egg, Cucumbers, Apple
S1 – Apple and Cracker
M2 – Tuna and Spinach
S2 – Apple and Cracker
M3 – Chicken and Cauliflower
S3 – Cracker

I did buy Garlic Powder, but it is 100% garlic, no salt, nothing else added, just all garlic. Is this ok? Is there a limit?

Day 3 10.5.08

I made it without cheating yesterday! I did however, slightly deviate, because I did not have my veggies, as I grabbed the wrong bag. This did actually effect my weight loss.

Tip: Never ever skip a meal or water.

Today's Menu:

M1 - Cottage Cheese, Cucumbers, Mellon
S1- Cracker and Apple 1L Water
M2 - Tuna and Cucumber (what I was suppose to have last night!)
S2 - Apple and Cracker 1L Water
M3 - Steak with Garlic and Cauliflower.

I'm also starting back with exercise tomorrow. I had been exercising prior to the diet, but wanted to take last week to get used to the food and how I felt.

I actually feel good on the energy side, and working out usually makes me less hungry, so I will see how this works.

I'm training for the P.F. Chang 1/2 Marathon as a fundraiser for the non-profit I work for, so I've got to get them both done!

Its only walking, so it not too high of intensity, just long distances, eventually. Starting tomorrow I go back to walking 4 miles every other day with Saturday being my "add a mile" day. I was up to 5 before the starting the diet, but I think I will just do 5 again this upcoming Saturday.

Hopefully I won't screw my body up and it only helps with losing the weight.

Day 2 10.04.2008

Today will be a challenging day, as I have a birthday party and will be visiting the parents today.

I never really realized, how everything we do in America is so 'food' based. Its no wonder that obesity is such empidemic.

Tip: When you get your Cohen program, don't wait until your "Offical Start Date", iron the kinks out early.

I actually forgot, I have to go to my parents today, until a few minutes ago. This couldbe very dangerous to my diet, as we always eat when we do stuff! I told them NO FOOD!!!!

I also told the birthday girl I was bringing my own food and called ahead to the place where she is having the party to confirm I can.

Cheating is not an option, as I really want to hit my goal weight as close to the deadline as possible Cheating on Cohen can not just set you back a day, but an entire week, because you aren't just losing weight you're altering your homones.

My soultion to all of this? I am having tuna... I know we can have canned in water, but they also sell bagged in water, which some in my portion size. I am eating that. Plus I already weighed out raw spinach and will have that. Then I don't have to worry about portion sizes or cooling the food.

It will be a challenging night but I told my friend what I was doing, so it will be ok! I just need to save my soda allotment for tonight!

So todays meals:

M1 - Yogurt and Mellon - Soda
S1 - Apple and cracker
M2 - Tuna with Cucumber - Water
S2- Apple and Cracker
M3 - Tuna with Spinach - 2 Sodas

Day 1 My Official Start Day! 10.03.08

Today I get skinny, healthy and as much as I had to admit it. Happier.

I created an Amazon store, where I will feature my favorite Cohen Related tools. It will make it easy for anyone to get the supplies they need. Feel free to follow the link to shop it!

Tip of the Day:

Zip lock bags. They are a saving grace. Take a sharpie and write M1 (Meal 1) and then A/B/C to fit your food.

Now, some people don't have a ton of food options on their Cohen diet. I do. I get to pick different choices of meat or chicken portions and then a different veggie option. So I need to keep my meals separate.

For example I would write M1-A on my meat and M1-A on my matching veggie serving.

It is really easy to confuse the weights so this keeps it really easy, especially in you froze everything after you weighed it, like I did. The weights are going to be off because of the freezing.

Today's Menu:

M1 - Yogurt with chopped apples

S1 - Apple and Cracker 1L W

M2 - Chicken and Cauliflower with a Cracker

S2- Apple 1L W

M3 - Steak and Cauliflower

S3 - Cantaloupe

Prep Day 4 10.02.08

Tomorrow is my "Official Dr. Cohen Start Date" so I am going to weigh in tomorrow.

I also was challenged to a weight loss competition at work, so that will only serve as a further motivator.

Tip of the day:

Buy a little George Foremand Grill. The tiny one is small enough to take to work. I HATE reheating chicken in the microwave. I take this with me to work and I can cook the chicken in less than 5 minutes.

Day 4 (I REALLY start tomorrow and I can't wait to weight in!)

M1 - Cottage Cheese and Cucumber
S1 - Cracker 1L Water
M2- Tuna and Cucumber
S2 - Cracker
M3 - Chicken and Cauliflower

Luckily for me... I do like Cauliflower, Spinach and Cucumbers... I just never bought them in a store. Ever. I only ate veggies if they came with my meal!!! I know horrible and more than likely part of the reason I have the weight that I do. Same can be said for fruit... rarely did I actively go buy fruit other than bananas and that was in a blue moon.This is a HUGE shift eating wise for me. I haven't cooked in about 4 years, other than using a microwave. It's a complete and total change of my daily behavior, which I needed and well I need this change so I have to do this!